Technology solutions for the new media enterprise.

Our professional services are based on our deep understanding of media and broadcasting, our comprehensive knowledge of current and emerging media technology, and our rigorous, collaborative approach to problem solving.

Technology Consulting

We analyze and develop technology and operations strategies, assesses technology investment plans, implements lifecycle management approaches, and integrates advanced technology solutions based on our clients’ business objectives and requirements.

Hardware & Software

Our team designs and installs sophisticated systems throughout the media supply chain. We provide the computer, network, data storage, and broadcast infrastructure required by today’s IT-centric media centers, and we specify, develop, test, and deploy software, both on-premises and in the cloud, to meet the unique operational requirements of our clients. We work closely with clients and technology suppliers to define, enhance, and validate hardware and software products for specialized needs.

IP Transition

With demand increasing for content in high-quality formats not conveniently carried over serial digital interfaces, and growing industry support for SMPTE 2110 and related standards, broadcasters and media companies are turning to video over IP for professional media transport.

NTC a Deloitte business helps plan and execute strategies for this IP transition, based on our thorough knowledge of the emerging technology and decades of experience as a vendor-independent, trusted partner.


Cybersecurity has become a priority for media enterprises, but this imperative must be met with care, guided by deep knowledge of the workflows and systems involved and an equally thorough appreciation of the evolving security risks. Today’s systems must resist attack and comply with security policies, while also meeting objectives for usability, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and operational efficiency.

Our approach to cybersecurity draws on our leadership in media technology, practical design and implementation experience, and knowledge of emerging security standards and best practices. In addition to our design services, we provide security evaluations of systems, technologies, and products, with recognized experience in content protection technology.

New Facilities

Whether it’s a completely new building, renovation of existing space, tenant improvements, or a campus master plan, we help translate the unique requirements of media production, post-production, and distribution facilities into the language of the built environment.

Our team works with owners, tenants, architects, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers, acousticians, and other design professionals, providing trusted advice throughout the planning, design, and construction process about the special needs of media systems and operations. We help assure completeness and coordination of all design elements, while avoiding costly duplication of effort.

Strategic Initiatives

Continuing advances in technology enable audiences to demand more content across an increasing number of delivery platforms. Media technologists and business executives are being challenged to support new paradigms of collaborative content creation and concurrent multi-platform distribution, while at the same time endeavoring to reduce costs and operational footprint. What does a next generation media infrastructure look like? What’s the best way to migrate to an IP infrastructure? What systems or infrastructure do we need in place for advanced content formats? NTC a Deloitte business helps companies answer these questions and deploy infrastructures that address today’s strategic initiatives and adapt to tomorrow’s needs.