Cybersecurity at NTC

Cybersecurity has become a priority for media enterprises, but this imperative must be met with care, guided by deep knowledge of the workflows and systems involved and an equally thorough appreciation of the evolving security risks. NTC delivers this expertise, based on a 37-year history serving some of the largest media companies in the world.

Unique Needs

Today’s systems must be practically resistant to attack and compliant with security policies, but they must also meet the unique technological and creative needs of the media and entertainment industry. Usability, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and operational efficiency are as important as ever.

Unique Value

Rather than applying a generic, doctrinaire approach to information security, NTC approaches the problem from a unique perspective, drawing on leadership in media technology, practical design and implementation experience, and knowledge of emerging security standards and best practices.

NTC’s Cybersecurity Practice

NTC has long been concerned with cybersecurity aspects of system design. Steady progress has been made, but solutions to fundamental problems of software quality and reliability remain elusive. NTC applies principles—such as defense in depth and least privilege—to create systems that can remain secure in the presence of software vulnerabilities. NTC incorporates compensating controls to protect system elements that lack effective security features.

NTC responds to specific cybersecurity needs. We have provided security evaluations of systems, technologies, and products—with recognized expertise in content protection technology—and we have helped clients adapt their standards and policies to specific requirements.

NTC works with hardware and software suppliers to improve the security of their products. We would be glad to share a copy of our technical paper “Cybersecurity for Media Technology Products,” published in the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, with some of our thinking in this area.

Next Steps

To find out more about how NTC can help with your cybersecurity needs, call Laurie Morse in NTC’s Glendale, California, office at +1 818 265 4422, or use the contact form below. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

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