Building a studio or media facility?

Whether it’s a completely new building, renovation of existing space, tenant improvements, or a campus master plan, NTC consultants help translate the unique requirements of media production, post-production, and distribution facilities into the language of the built environment.

Trusted Advice

NTC works with owners, tenants, architects, structural and MEP engineers, acousticians, and other design professionals, providing trusted advice throughout the planning, design, and construction process about the special needs of media systems and operations. We help assure completeness and coordination of all design elements, while avoiding costly duplication of effort.

Cost-Effective Designs

NTC has over 30 years of experience developing programs and criteria for cost-effective, efficient building designs, even before media technology decisions have been finalized. Rapid technology and marketplace changes make it important to avoid premature design commitments, assuring that new facilities are not obsolete before they open.

Extreme Reliability

Media and entertainment facilities often require highly reliable and specialized infrastructures designed for 24/7 operations. NTC’s experience assures that electrical, mechanical (HVAC), and other building systems are designed to meet these needs while achieving environmental and energy efficiency goals.

Next Steps

To find out more about how NTC can help with your facility project, call Laurie Morse in NTC’s Glendale, California, office at +1 818 265 4422, or use the contact form below. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

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